Joining the ANZFHS

Membership and stable name fees of the ANZFHS

There are three types of membership:

1. Individual/Family/Business Member of the ANZFHS only. This membership includes 4 editions of the ANZFHS Magazine and does not allow for horses to be registered or transferred. The annual fee for 2014 is $ 85.

2. Individual/Family/Business Member of the ANZFHS including KFPS membership. This membership is required if you want to register/transfer Friesian horses in the KFPS books. The fee for 2014 is $195, a proportion of the fee covers the KFPS membership. New members also pay an entry fee of $ 25.

3. Individual/Family/Business Member of the ANZFHS and KFPS, including a subscription to the (Dutch) Phryso magazine. This membership is the same as the one above, except that a subscription to the studbook Magazine, Phryso, is included. This magazine is sent by Airmail. The magazine is in the Dutch language. This fee including the subscription fee for 2014 is $335; the main proportion of the fee covers the KFPS membership and Phryso subscription.

Pro Rata fees – All memberships run for a calendar year. Pro-rata fees are available when a new member applies for membership during the calendar year. The pro-rata fees are determined by the date of application and set for the quarter the date falls into.

Renewals must be completed on or before 28 February. A late fee of $ 30 will apply if the renewal is late. A renewal must follow the year the membership was for.

Protected Stud/Stable name – You can also register your stable or studname. This means that you will have exclusive use of that name within the KFPS registers and it will automatically be added to the foals name when you register a foal. The application fee requires a one off payment fee of $ 80. An annual fee of $ 20 starts the next year and is due with the renewal of membership.
More information is available on the information sheet that is attached to the membership application.
You can download the membership renewal form from the forms page.