Breed description

The Friesian Horse is always black with a long flowing mane and tail, often to the ground. He carries his noble head on a crested neck. His action is flamboyant and eye-catching. He can be driven, ridden, jumped, likes working on the land or performing in the circus. He is one of the most versatile breeds of the world.

A Friesian stallion

A Friesian stallion

Contrary to wide belief, there are not two types of Friesians in the studbook. The breed standards are consistent and uniform for any horse that is of a proven Freisian mating.

The Friesian is a harmoniously and evenly built horse with a noble head and bright intelligent eyes, small attentive ears, slightly inclining towards each other. A neck that is not to short, slightly bent, a strong back, ending in a croup that is not too short and should not be too slanted. A powerful shoulder that should be long enough and slanting. With long enough ribs that are well-arched, strong legs and feet, a well-developed upper arm and a good position.

Smooth, square, elegant and grand gaits, accentuated by sufficient growth of hair on the lower foot, a nice crest and a nice long tail. In short, a horse with a luxuriant and proud appearance, a great temperament, willingness to work and honest. The height at the shoulder at three years of age of 1.60 metre for a make horse is considered ideal.

The walk should be straight, powerful and supple with sufficient power from the hindquarters; the hindquarters should be swung forward with power. The trot should have a roomy forward action, feet lifted highly, with good power from the hindquarters, the trot should be light footed with a floating movement and enough flexion in the hock. The canter is cheerful and sustained with enough power from the hindquarters and flexion in the hock.