HPA & ROM Information & Point System

Dear Members of the ANZFHS.

I would like to encourage all members that get out and about with their Friesian’s to become involved with the ANZFHS HPA (high point award) competition. This is a free competition for all ANZFHS members, but it needs the members to enter their horses to support it and keep it running.

It runs from each calendar year (Jan 1st through to Dec 31st) these awards were designed to reward owners who go out and about with their horses in every capacity because you are all promoting the Friesian breed.
It started in the 2008 calendar year and many members have received many awards for their horses in the HPA & ROM.

There are many categories in the HPA competition.
Results of only 6 shows or competitions per calendar year are valid.

• Dressage
• Driving
• Showing
• Pleasure
• And Demonstration

Each category is separated for
• Mare
• Stallion
• Gelding

Explanation of Rules

Show Classes: Score cards have to be signed by an official or secretary of the show for points to be awarded.
Evidence from an official show website showing horse’s placings will also be accepted. Here is how HPA points are calculated.

Attendance in open classes = 2 points (each horse will get 2 attendance points regardless of what place it may receive in the class).
First place = 6 points
Second place = 5 points
Third place = 4 points
Fourth place = 3 points
Fifth place = 2 points
Sixth place = 1 point

Attendance In Purebred Friesian classes = 1 point (each horse will get 2 attendance points regardless of what place it may receive in the class).
First place =3 points
Second place = 2 points
Third place = 1 point

These points are allocated for open and purebred classes.
Supreme of Supreme Champion = 4 points
Supreme Champion = 3 points
Champion = 2 points
Reserve champion = 1 point
National Championships = triple points
State Championships/ Royal show = double points
Agricultural show or local show = single points

Pleasure outing = 5 points
Pleasure horse category points are to be awarded on photo evidence of a members horse with two or more other horses a social outing (Trek, pleasure ride with 2 or more horses, riding or driving club outing or event etc…)

Demonstration or Display = 10 points
Demonstration points will be awarded on evidence of an article or photograph which shows the horse taking part on the day of the demo or promotional day ( Santa parade, horse expo driven or ridden demonstration, any public outing other than a show class.)

Dressage: Points are awarded by the percentages earned by the horse on the dressage test sheet and test sheets must be supplied with the completed HPA scorecard each year.
Between 60 to 61.999% = 1 point
Between 62 to 63.999% = 2 points
Between 64 to 65.999% = 3 points
Between 66 to 67.999% = 4 points
Between 68 to 69.999% = 5 points
Between 70 to 71.999% = 6 points
72% and over = 7 points

Roll of merit (ROM)

Each year the points earned by each horse are added to the previous year’s total and points accumulate towards the ROM awards. This award system has been running since the 2008 show season and many horses have been climbing up the ROM totals.

Here are the points rundown.
80 points to achieve ROM
150 points to Bronze medal
250 points to silver medal
500 points to Gold medal
1000 points to Platinum award
Please members support these awards because they were designed to reward EVERYONE that gets their Friesian out and about in every capacity.

If you have any further questions contact  Nadeen at nadeendavis@anzfhs.org.au

To download the HPA & ROM Information & Point System or to download a scorecard please go to our downloads page.

Nadeen Davis


HPA & ROM Information & Point System