Fees in AUD from 01/01/2018    2018
ANZFHS membership only   90.00
ANZFHS membership only  (after 28/2)   120.00
NEW KFPS Membership (includes ANZFHS M’ship & KFPS new member entry fee)  240.00
KFPS Membership Renewal (includes ANZFHS M’ship) 210.00
LATE KFPS Renewal-including ANZFHS M’ship (after 28/2)  240.00
Subscription to Phryso Magazine (in Dutch x 12 months)  145.00
Stud Name Protection Application (new application)  115.00
Stud Name Protection (annual subscription fee)   30.00
Foal Registration (Includes mare breeding fee, registration fee and registration paper deposit   230.00
Late Foal Registration 
(For foals older than 6 months of age an additional fee applies)
DNA testing* 1 horse parentage/pedigree control.(includes $50 DNA admin fee)   120.00
DNA testing 2 horses parentage/pedigree control. (includes $50 DNA admin fee)   190.00
DNA testing 3 horses parentage/pedigree control. (includes $50 DNA admin fee)   260.00
Genetic test for dwarfism/hydrocephalus/chestnut – no admin fee payable 75.00
DNA parentage** in combination with dwarfism/hydrocephalus & chestnut  (**Only available to horses that are already registered) 105.00
Transfer Fee – buyer to pay. (Includes transfer fee & registration paper deposit)   160.00
Duplicate Registration Paper   138.00
Application Sport Predicate  100.00
Keuring judging fee for adults  175.00
Keuring judging fee for foals  50.00
Studbook entry fee – mares & geldings  50.00
Ster/Crown/Model predicate  95.00
IBOP fee  180.00

* PLEASE NOTE: DNA is applicable for E.T. foals (horses) and in the case the KFPS have not received a breeding certificate, birth notification or microchip form within the required time frame.