Australia and New Zealand Friesian Horse Society (ANZFHS)

Welcome to the website of the Australia and New Zealand Friesian Horse Society  (ANZFHS).     
The ANZFHS is the official representative of the Royal Society “The Friesian Horse Studbook”, Koninklijke Vereniging Het Friesch Paarden Stamboek (KFPS), based in the Netherlands. The KFPS is recognised as the World Wide Studbook for the Friesian horse and is the world-wide authority on the Friesian horse. The KFPS has organised the national societies in the World Friesian Horse Association (WFHO).
The ANZFHS currently covers Australia and New Zealand and was established in 1983, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2009. The first Friesian horse arrived in Australia in 1977 (the stallion Lyckle “B”).

The ANZFHS uses the ANZFHS wiki space for discussions between members and you can follow us on our facebook page.

We invite you to explore the world of the Friesian horse if you are new to the breed. Watch this video if you haven’t seen a Friesian in action. If you are already familiar with the breed, or are a member of the ANZFHS and if you are lucky enough to own a Friesian horse, this site will provide you with news, information, photos and items such as the information pack, rules and regulations and the constitution that can be downloaded for your use. Most forms for membership, registration and transfers are also downloadable from this site.
You might be on the verge of joining the small but growing group of Friesian horse owners in Australia and New Zealand. Our website will provide you with information about the rules and regulations and provide you with the procedures how to join as a member, transfer horse ownership or register a horse in the books.
Friesian horse numbers are now close to 600 and are located throughout Australia and New Zealand. The ANZFHS can provide details of breeders and owners in your area. Every 2 years, the ANZFHS organises a “keuring” tour (inspection and classification). The inspections are done by a jury from the mother studbook the KFPS. The next one will be in March / April 2015.
Friesians are becoming quite successfull in the dressage arena. Two stallions in Australia, Abe (Ebony Park Abe) and Django of Cacharel are competing at Grand Prix Level. These two stallions have been awarded the Sport Predicate issued by the KFPS. Six other stallions in Australia also have been awarded the Sport Predicate: Maiko 373, Hotse d.V., Jacana TK, Hilwert L., Kai and Omer R.S. fan Top en Twel. One stallion in New Zealand also has been awarded the Sport Predicate, Jolmer fan Twillens The mares Ynke fan de Greidpleats (OZ) and Ellie fan de Waldhoeve (NZ) have also been awarded a Sport Predicate. This means they compete at least at Medium Level.
A judging guide to Friesians is available from our downloads page.
The ANZFHS registers only Purebred Friesian horses of which the parentage can be determined. The ANZFHS offers assistance with the purchasing and breeding of Friesian horses.
The breeding of Friesians is strictly controlled and depending on the parentage of a horse they will recorded in a specific book. There is only one approved studbook stallion in Australia and New Zealand and we have a number of foalbook stallions with a breeding permit. If you are purchasing a Friesian horse and there is any uncertainty of the breeding of the horse and its registration status, please contact the society. We can provide you with details about the status of the horse in the studbook. Unregistered horses may not be able to be registered.
You will find information about stallions here.
Members can participate in discussions and proposals in the ANZFHS wiki space and you can follow us on our facebook page.