Equitana 2014

ANZFHS Showcase at Equitana 2014 in Melbourne. The ANZFHS exhibited again at the biggest equine exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. As before, in Melbourne and Sydney, we had a double space including a stable for four days. The main aim of being represented at Equitana is to promote the breed and educate visitors on the breed. In our display area we had information and photos mounted on boards on the wall and we had merchandise for sale.


Every day we had a different horse in the stable for a meet and greet of a Friesian and participated in a breed displays in the John Deere arena. Every horse demonstrated the beauty and the temperament of the breed magnificently. And of course we couldn’t do this without a number of helpers. Many thanks go to the horse owners, dealing with morning peak hour traffic, the riders and the helpers on the stand informing people and selling merchandise. Of course the Friesians attracted large crowds during the day and many visitors to Equitana will have arrived home with photos of themselves with a Friesian. The first day, Thursday, the beautiful mare Elke H was in the stable for the day. Elke also gave a beautiful demonstration under saddle in the ring in the late afternoon, with commentary by the ANZFHS. The next day our trusted gelding Hendrik fan Friso was in the stable. He had done this all before and he enjoyed the close encounters with the public. He participated in the group display for “native breeds” with very informative comments from Wayne Hipsley. Both Hendrik and Elke are ANZFHS HPA winners and demonstrated their willingness to work and presented themselves beautifully. On Saturday the stallion Olof was in the stable, and of course his long hairs provided another beautiful trait of our great breed. Being a big horse, he did not mind being in the smallish stable and he thoroughly enjoyed the public’s affections. He participated in a group display for show horses under saddle and like his 2 predecessors, did the breed proud. On Sunday, Braggo S. was in the stable. Braggo had been on the grounds since Wednesday as he was entered and accepted in the group of 6 horses that would be demonstrated in the clinic by world champion dressage Charlotte Dujardin. No words can describe the elation from Friesian fans to see him ridden by Charlotte on her request in the clininc. She demonstrated with Braggo how to train a horse for flying changes. The ANZFHS had also nominated Braggo for the Breed Showcase Horse of the Year award (HOTY) as he was the ANZFHS representative on Sunday. To enormous cheers of the crowd, he was crowned Horse of the Year, with Age B, who represented Wildcroft Friesians in a great third place! With more Friesians in the Exhibition the Friesians made a large impact again. Apart from the ANZFHS representatives, we also had Wildcroft with Age B and Twin Rivers with Wilbert van Gelder in the breed village, Django of Cacharel competing in the GP freestyle final being placed 8, and Abe participating in the “double Dan show”. The ANZFHS board would like to acknowledge and thank all horse owners, riders and volunteers as without that help this would not be possible! Will we do it again in 2 year’s time?

Elke H.Hendrik fan Friso

Olof v d AlberinkhoeveBraggo S.

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