Keuring 2013 champion named

2013 ANZFHS keuring tour champion Femkje RL.

2013 ANZFHS keuring tour champion Femkje RL.

The Champion of the 2013 ANZFHS keuring tour is Femkje RL, owned by C & L Vlaanderen from New Zealand.

They have received the ANZFHS champions blanket, the supreme champion ribbon and the KFPS wall plate!

Congratulations to the overall winner, but also to all the other winners and participants. A big thanks to everybody involved with the keuring tour and turning it into a unforgettable experience!

Femkje RL.

Femkje RL

WA: Champion Ymke KP and Reserve Champion Amelia FS.
SA: Champion Nynke Van Gelder and Reserve Champion Ynke fan de Greidpleats.
TAS: Champion Femke van Berkley and Reserve Champion Nenna-Monique van Wallbrook.
VIC: Champion Zaretta TK and Reserve Champion Zwenneke fan Widcroft.
NZ South Island: Champion Femkje RL and Reserve Champion Iris RL.
NZ North Island: Champion Kalani of Glenrose Friesians and Reserve Champion Annemie.
QLD: Champion Gabrielle of Sisikikawa Friesians and Reserve Champion Thesse H. v. Bellingeweer.
NSW: Champion Duvel TK and Reserve Champion Nynke C.

The KFPS jury team Louise Hompe, KFPS inspector and Luciel Ellens, judge have done an excellent job in judging but also explaining results and responsing to questions. We thank them very much.


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