Locations and contact details


Date:  18 March, start 9 am

Location: Southport Pony club, Queenstreet, Southport

Contact: Susan Mathysen, 0400229298, tiaan650@hotmail.com


New South Wales 

Date: 20 March, start 9:00

Location: Sugarloaf Equestrian Centre, 315 Coates Park Rd. Cobbitty.

Contact: Jo-Anne Minns, 0246841217, martjoe@bigpond.net


New Zealand South

Date: 22 March, start 1:00 pm

Location: Tinwald Pony Club grounds, Laghmor Road Tinwald

Contact: Yvonne Liemburg, phone: 03 3072272

New Zealand North

Date: 25 March, 10:00 am

Location: Taupo National Equestrian Centre, Raids Rd, Aratiata, Taupo

Contact: Marianne Weitenberg, 063276188 (H), 0276836840 (M), marianne@glenrosefriesians.co.nz



Date: 30 March, start: 12:00 pm

Location: 124 Church Road, North Motton

Contact: Nadeen Davis, wallbrook@activ8.net.au. 0438257288


South Australia 

Date: 27 March

Location: Mallala Equestrian Centre, Redbanks Rd, Mallala

Contact: Michael & Marcella van der Heiden, michael@friesiandreams.com.au



Date: 1 and 2 April, start times 9:00 am on Friday, 10:00 Saturday

Location: Werribee Equestrian Park, 170 K Road, Werribee South

Contact: Grace Lamers, 03 57802600, grace@friesians.com.au


Western Australia 

Date: 5 April 2011 start 9:00 am

Location: Bunbury Horse and Pony Club, Bussell Hwy, Gelorup

Contact: Tashlin Hall, 0417 977 635, Kendhall@tpg.com.au

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