A warm welcome to the 2011 Keuring

This is an excellent opportunity for Cees to witness the enthusiasm of the ANZ members and see at first hand the type of hurdles we have to overcome being on the other side of the world and having to cover large distances to attend a keuring.


This the fifth occasion that judging team from the KFPS studbook in the Netherlands is conducting a Keuring (inspection and classification) in Australia, and the third time in New Zealand. 

In the 3 years between the 2009 and the 2011 keuring, numbers of Friesians have increased with nearly 20 %, and membership has increased with 15 %. The ANZFHS board hopes that the keuring cycle will now continue to be every 2 years.

The keuring is covering large area, and covers the 6 states in Australia and the two main islands of New Zealand.  In a 3 week period we expect approximately 110 horses to be judged. 

We hope to see you at one of the venues. It is the first time that a gala show will be held to coincide with the keuring in Melbourne and some venues will run dressage clinic conducted by Jenny Veenstra.  Of course the keuring also offers a tremendous opportunity to update general knowledge of the breeding goals of the society and any other news in relation to the breeding and classifying our beautiful Friesian Horse.

The ANZFHS board wishes “Good Luck” to all participants and for all enjoy!

Hans Maes

President/Secretary ANZFHS



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