Keuring 2011

The 2011 keuring tour finished on Tuesday 5 April, and all keuring and IBOP results have been posted.  The supreme champion of the ANZFHS keuring tour 2011 is Zelke fan Wildcroft, owned by Angela Wood and bred by Teo and Grace Lamers! The mare scored the highest points of the horses judged according to the jury. Congratulations to the owner and breeders.

The winner received the supreme championship ribbon, as well as the championship rug sponsored by Pryde’s Easifeed and a wall plate donated by the KFPS.

 2011 supreme keuring champion


 zelke supreme champion 2

 photos above by Nicole Emmanuel.


 . Visit the Keuring news page for the latest results.

The keurings have been going very well, and the judges have commented on the good condition of all horses presented at the keuring.  The ANZFHS and its members thank the judges for their honest and detailed feedback during the judging, Cees Roozemond, the chair of the KFPS for joining part of the tour and getting information first hand about our organisation and the breeding of Friesians in this part of the world. We also like to extend our thanks to the local organisers of the keuring locations and the members for presenting their horses in such an excellent way. Let’s look forward to the next keuring in 2013!

We also thank our Gold sponsors for the 2011 keuring tour, Pryde’s Easifeed and all the local sponsors that supported us at each location.

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